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 "Such a heartwarming, nostalgic story. Entertaining and recommended for all age groups." --  Dawn de la Vega

"50’s, Rock n Roll, hot rods, make-out sessions, and, most of all, friendships that never ended. “Be Bop A Lula” is a tribute to those “innocent times” when we all still believed in God, country, family and, of course, motorcycles.  Lou Duro has the gift of making it all seem like yesterday.

If you are old enough to remember the 50’s, then you are in for a treat!  If you were born too late to enjoy the magic that was the 50’s, now’s your chance.  I read it!  I lived it!  I loved it!  Thanks Lou for bringing it all back!"

                      -- Pat Coulaz

Be Bop A Lula

"As a product of the times which this book covers, I can vouch for the authenticity of the times as they were presented in this story. I remember the motorcycles, the gang fights, the parties, the guys and girls...they were portrayed accurately and true. Every person who grew of age in this era should read this book. It was very good."

-- Louise

This extraordinary work of bio-fiction, Lou's first novel, is destined to become a classic.  It is a coming-of-age story like no other  . . . when teenagers and rock 'n' roll rumbled through the 1950s together. A time when The Crowd was a sacred sect meeting in a candy-store temple, and Hanging Out was a full time obligation, with occasional time outs for gang wars and bar fights; drive ins and making out; hot rods and motorcycles.   Be Bop A Lula follows The Crowd as they crammed as much fun and excitement as possible into those final days, which are categorized through 14 chapters, remembered with the rock 'n' roll songs most closely associated with each adventure. Hilarious confrontations with parents, teachers and friends are recorded in Rock Around The Clock and School Days, while Rip It Up tells of a bloody gang fight with a rival gang. Oh What a Night is a minute-by-minute account of one of the Crowd's madcap parties, and Black Denim Trousers deals with motorcycles, culminating in a disastrous street race. Other chapters, like The Big Break, Let The Good Times Roll and Get a Job, cover bar fights, hanging out in the candy store, going steady, back-seat love making and failed attempts at finding work. Then, Soldier Boy brings down the final curtain, as an era comes to an end . . . but leaving in its wake friendships that would last a lifetime!

It was 1957...

...and coming of age will never be like this again!

The Bayside Boys - circa 1990

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