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November 2, 2019

In this day and age, when telephoning is at everyone’s fingertips across most of the world, it’s hard to imagine a time when making a call wasn’t too far removed from dialing with smoke signals.  Well, not only can I "imagine" it, but I actually "lived" it! When I move...

October 11, 2019

Well, maybe just a little  more. The 2019 baseball season has managed to undo what The Great Bambino spent a lifetime achieving. It finally made the home run boring, with every player, regardless of size, power or ability, swinging for the fences. The result: the most...

August 20, 2019

When I first considered writing a novel about growing up in the 1950s,  I immediately realized  that there was no way of telling the story without including the groundbreaking music of the decade, our very own rock 'n' roll. After all, this was a time when teenagers fi...

June 1, 2019

Cretans are among the top smokers in Europe, and in 2002, when Greece passed its "first" law banning smoking in public and private workplaces, the country's nicotine addicts, especially those who lived on its largest island, snickered into their espresso cups and lit u...

May 4, 2019

Rock Music by any other name, is NOT Rock 'n' Roll

When Danny and the Juniors recorded Rock 'n' Roll is Here to Stay in 1957 there was no question that they were making a profound musical statement.

Rock 'n' roll is here to stay, it will never die
It was meant to be tha...

April 18, 2019

If you’re a hockey fan, you’re sure to know the name Stan Fischler, who is referred to as “The Hockey Maven,” and who served as the resident hockey expert and broadcaster for MSG Networks since 1975.  He is a 7-time Emmy winner and is a true historian of the game of ho...

March 9, 2019

   First of all, this headline may be misleading. The “hell” is not a destination . . . it’s trying to get there!

   In my 30 years of residing on the island of Crete, Greece, I must have traveled to New York more than 20 times to see my family. Since they’ve yet t...

March 9, 2019

     A favorite comedian of mine, Shelly Berman, as part of his very funny routine about reading an insurance policy, said: "the most horrible word in the English language is 'maim'."  With all due respect to Mr. Berman, there is even a more horrible one –...

October 23, 2018

As with so many other people, I’ve always been skeptical about those who have claimed to have seen Elvis, or even have spoken to him, since that terrible day in August of 1977 when “The King” was suddenly gone, but never to be forgotten. So you can imagine my surprise...

June 13, 2018

Like so many other people, I’ve always had a problem with CNN’s misleading and biased headlines and stories, such as this one dated a few years ago, but was recently brought back to my attention.




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