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October 25, 2017

Poor Harvey. I never thought I’d feel a little pity for a Hillary Clinton supporter, but I can’t get rid of the feeling that Harvey Weinstein is taking the brunt of a notorious Hollywood system which has been going on since the first piece of celluloid flickered onto a blank screen, and which has been secretly endorsed and accepted by everyone connected with Hollywood – from the lowly bit part actor to the heads of studios. Now, all his so-called friends, (like Hillary, who swears she didn’t know what he was like [and we all know Hillary never tells a lie] told him: “show me the money”) are abandoning him like rats from a sinking ship – hiding behind their re-enforced Bellaire mansion doors, issuing statements through press agents, saying “Gee whiz, we had no idea he was doing this. Like, really, now, give me a break.

   Let’s face it, we all like to read the bios that tell all the dirt. What about Errol Flynn, Charlie Chaplin, and so many others? Studio execs like Louis Mayer and Harry Cohn? Sexual Harassment? Give me a break. If stars like, Clara Bow, Marilyn Monroe and even Joan Crawford were alive today, would they be yelling sexual harassment or rape? And, I wonder what the now outspoken stars like Angelina and Gwyneth and Heather were doing in the late 80s and early 90s to get a decent role in a movie instead of making uncredited appearances in music videos for Meatloaf.

   I believe Weinstein when he says it was always consensual sex. If anyone says they don’t know what a young starlet would do to get a good role – or even a bad one – then they’ve been living in a vacuum (“Oh, Mr. Weinstein, I’d do anything to get this role…I mean anything”). And it’s not only in Hollywood. Ask any advertising agency exec about casting for a TV commercial. Believe me, as one who's been there (but not done that), most young models are as hungry for that brass ring as any starlet is for that big role.

   Okay. My point is this – and it’s a real dilemma – but here’s the scenario: a producer says to a young girl, “you can have the role if you sleep with me,” and the young girl, although she finds the fat, ugly producer a real slime ball, and would never have sex with him in the real world instead of the reel world, says: “Okay.”   Is that rape or prostitution?
   Look, I'm not condoning this practice at all -- I'm just saying it's been going on since day one, and it's been highlighted in every movie about Hollywood ever filmed (The Last Tycoon) and every book about tinsel town ever written. It should be stopped, but let's go after all the culprits, and not just put the blame on Poor Harvey. After all, he's just one of the good ole boys in that sex-crazed modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah called Hollywood.






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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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